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Mehen: The Game of the Snake

Mehen was invented in Egypt 5,000 years ago. It is the only widespread ancient game to utilize a spiral gameboard, making it one of the most unique games ever created.

Pandora Games is proud to re-introduce Mehen with all-new gameplay!

The game is based upon the snake god, Mehen, who coils around Ra (the sun god) to protect him during his subterranean journey each night. Mehen is a fierce, protective god, and a fitting deity for a perilous board game journey. The gameboard is a representation of Mehen’s coiled body, beginning at the tail and progressing to the head at the center of the board.

While a number of ancient boards and sets of game pieces have been recovered by archaeologists, no rules has survived. Game designer Zach Horton set about producing a new set of rules for Mehen that take into account what we know from the archaeological record, what we know of the game’s spiritual significance, and the unique features of its board and theme to create an exciting, strategically rich gameplay experience. Mehen is easy to learn, but is unlike any game you’ve played before!

We originally released Mehen in several high-end wooden versions through a Kickstarter in 2019. Those numbered collector's edition copies are long sold out. In 2021 we produced a new version made out of a beautiful fabric board and wooden pieces. These copies will be released as an optional reward during the Kickstarter launch of Supernova, a new game inspired by Mehen.

Gallery: Out of Print Wood Collector Edition

Handcrafted Wood Version

We didn’t just want to make Mehen available to modern gamers; we wanted to make a game set so beautiful that you would never want to put it away.

Accordingly, Pandora Games teamed up with artist Jeremy Boyle to create a handcrafted, gorgeous hardwood version of the game. You can even hang the board on your wall as the ancient Egyptians did! Our specially designed Mehen board, optimized for our new rules, is made from treated and finished hardwoods: cherry with walnut inlays for Mehen’s eyes. Our pieces are made from other high quality hardwoods such as maple, walnut, and oak. All of our woods were sourced from the Western Pennsylvanian region. We work directly with sustainable tree farms and small mills to source the wood, and thus personally track it from source to finished product. Each set includes 42 handmade wooden playing pieces, four throwing sticks, a spiral gameboard, and instructions for play. Everything was handcrafted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All copies are long sold out.

Gallery: Fabric Edition

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Fabric Edition

After our collector's edition wooden Mehen sets sold out, we developed a new fabric version that would retain high quality, but make the game more accessible to the general public. After our extensive re-construction efforts, we want as many people to play this intriguing game as possible! This edition is printed on a thick, beautiful cotton canvas fabric and then individually sewn (technically "serged") around the edges with three different threads to produce a high-end piece designed to serve as an aesthetic as well as playful experience. This edition will become available when our Supernova Kickstarter launches in May. Backers will have the option of selecting this as a reward, as an addition to the factory-produced game of Supernova.

Instructional Video

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